For Grantmakers:

Nafasi Fund helps grantmakers support power‑building and sustainable impact in Black communities.

Among a survey of 185 fiscal sponsors, only 9% of these organizations are community improvement/capacity building nonprofits and only 2% are civil rights/social action organizations (Nonprofit Quarterly, 2017). Nafasi Fund is different.

Nafasi Fund is a Black-led fiscal sponsor championing the skills, strengths, and insights of Black-led organizations and initiatives. Our philosophy fuses racial equity and sustainability, providing fiscally sponsored organizations with everything they need to create transformative solutions in their communities.

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Our approach:

Our approach to fiscal sponsorship positions Black‑led organizations for sustainability.

Nafasi Fund is more than a fiscal sponsor. Our investment in Black-led organizations is mirrored in our intentional approach to helping fiscally sponsored organizations move to sustainability if they choose to do so.

In addition to needing opportunity and capacity to sustain their work, Black leaders need the space to sustain their effort. The Nafasi Fund helps to mitigate burnout by offering an annual retreat for the leaders of Black‑led organizations. We recognize and honor that they are driving social change while navigating the same inequities and injustices as the individuals and communities they serve.

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Our promise:

Nafasi Fund is a Black‑led, financially sound, fiscal home for your grantees that extends your reach.

Grantmakers can confidently recommend Nafasi Fund’s fiscal sponsorship services to their current and future grantees. We provide the necessary infrastructure to meet and exceed rigorous legal and auditing requirements. With Nafasi Fund as a fiscal home, you can confidently resource the Black‑led organizations best positioned to catalyze change in their communities. Additionally, our low fees extend your financial impact in communities of color.

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