Evolution: Three Organizations Reclaiming Our Humanity #ROH

We are excited to introduce a new look for Forward Promise and The Moriah Group! Our new logos illustrate our growth and represent the mandates from our village that will help young people of color and their communities heal, grow, and thrive. Together with the Nafasi Fund, we are reclaiming the humanity of people of color by advocating for self-directed solutions rooted in our unique cultures.  

The new Forward Promise logo focuses on the roots and trunk of our collective family tree. The roots both signify our rooted communities and our understanding of dehumanization as the root of racism. The trunk represents the solid presence of grantee organizations to provide the culture and community that our young people need to recognize their sacred humanity.

The new Forward Promise website is now live with language that better captures our charge to reclaim our humanity, and features that make it easier to access relevant research and resources. You will also see the changes to our branding reflected across all of our social media platforms.

The new Moriah Group logo focuses on leaves and roots. The leaves represent the communal and ancestral wisdom that our young people need in order to withstand the challenges they may face. And the roots illustrate our work supporting rooted communities for all people of color to ensure that young people thrive. The Moriah Group branding has been updated to reflect these concepts and our refreshed website is on the way. 

Finally, Nafasi Fund is almost one year old and is already helping Black-led organizations with the infrastructure they need to receive the funding they deserve. The Nafasi Fund logo spotlights the trunk and leaves. The trunk signifies the Black-led organizations that create and direct social change in their communities. And the leaves represent the ways in which these organizations can flourish and spread their wisdom and healing when properly supported.

As always, we are grateful for your hearts, wisdom, and perseverance in this work. And we are proud to walk alongside you.